YONMIG Smart Watch YM-CS201 Review

Product Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

YONMIG YM-CS201 is your typical smartwatch, sporting an interactive 1.3inch screen, and offers over 17 sports modes, ranging from dancing, ice skating, badminton, and yoga among others. The smart watch has been designed to track the dull and active moments of your life, to ensure that you make the best of every minute.

The fitness tracker is characteristic of comfortable plastic straps and can be worn by both men and women.

YONMIG Smart Watch YM-CS201 boasts of an SPO2 sensor designed to keep tabs on blood oxygen level, and the incorporated sleep monitor will ensure that you remain productive during the day. Among the smart watches excellent, fitness tracking features is the heart rate monitor that helps individuals optimize their workout sessions.

YONMIG fitness tracker can be worn all day, every day thanks to the powerful 170mAh battery capacity that offers up to 7 hours of uptime with normal use, and 10 days of standby time. The unit also has a storage capacity that enables it to store message notifications that are not read immediately. What’s more is that the multiple vibration modes and frequencies can be customized to suit the different incoming notifications.

YONMIG YM-CS201 Pros and Cons


  • The slim profile makes comfortable to wear
  • Offers an increased number of sport modes
  • The display is clear and interactive
  • The smart watch has a longer battery life


  • Has a short shelf life
  • Some of the data presented is not accurate

Features of the YONMIG Fitness Tracker

Offers a breadth of sporting modes

The state of the art YONMIG fitness tracker has incorporated the latest version of the Nordic 52840 chip that is well capable of differentiating between the ball sports and running. The unit will provide accurate swimming data given the swimming mode feature that will count your swimming times.

The sedentary reminder feature

YONMIG is an all-round fitness tracker designed to inform both your inactive and active activities of the day. Sitting for extended hours can take a toll on your body, but with the sedentary tracker in the YONMIG fitness tracker, you will be reminded to do the stretch exercises for a few minutes such as walking or standing. The above ensures that the metabolic activities in the body are uninterrupted.

Provides phone notifications

Some of the most important activities from your phone will be transmitted to your smart watch. Messages and notifications from the social networks will be displayed on your YONMIG fitness trackers, including the incoming calls. The unit features an expansive storage capacity that allows you to store messages for later use.

Incorporates a compass

If you are in the mood for a morning run through the woods then this is the smart watch for you, given that it comes with a compass that can be used for direction. Other impressive additions are such as the chronometer, the alarm and the stopwatch, which can be used to optimize the work out session.

Incorporated a powerful battery

Given the number of applications that run on this smart watch, the manufacturer thought it wise to equip it with a powerful battery, whose capacity can give you a maximum of seven days, with normal use. The 170mAh battery will ensure that the new smart touch screen remains responsive enabling you to upload your favorite photos.

The uploaded photos can be used on the smart watch interface. For this feature, the YONMIG smart watch has raised the competition bar high, given that most of the smart phones in that market come pre-installed with the interchangeable user interface. You however, still have the option of using the smart watches incorporated interfaces that are available in four different designs.

Customizable brightness settings

You no longer have to strain your eyes when using your smart watch at night, all you have to do is tweak the brightness settings, to suit your immediate environment.

The smart watch is a 5ATM waterproof

Sweat, rain, and water from your kitchen tap will not compromise the functionality of the YONMIG smart watch. You can also take it with you for your swimming classes, but be keen because it can only be submerged up to 1meter deep.

Features a sleep monitor

Now you can change your sleeping habits to reflect your daily life, thanks to the sleep monitor incorporated in the YONMIG fitness tracker. The monitor will detect and record your sleeping data, and provide you with conclusive information on all four sleep cycles. The provided information can then be used to come up with a better sleep schedule so that you can have a productive day, the next day.

Features a slim profile and is light in weight

A weighty smart watch is not fun to wear and that is why we are introducing the 120grams YONMIG fitness tracker that can be worn by both men and women. The slim profile makes for the perfect smart watch that can be taken to the office, worn at home or at the race track.

The smart watch is equipped with a simple and interactive interface

All the information that you need to start using the smart watch has been neatly arranged and displayed at the right resolution on the smart watch screen. The holes on the straps allow for a customized fit and you must ensure not to wear it too tight.

Available in three solid colors

While other smart watch brands come in up to 7 different color options, with some that have combined two colors. YONMIG is disappointingly available in only 3 solid colors, which are “black, grey and pink. The colors are, however, a good choice and can be worn by both male and the female athletes.

Who is the YONMIG fitness tracker ideal for?

The YONMIG fitness tracker is ideal for the fitness enthusiasts and other professional athletes. The smart watch can be used both indoors and outdoors. What’s more is that it can provide accurate data to different types of sports and is even intelligent enought to differentiate between running and ball sport.

Why you should buy the YONMIG Fitness tracker?

YONMIG is one among the many smart watches in the market that will allow you to upload your photos, to use in the interface. The smart watch uniquely offers up 18 different sport modes making it usable by the different categories of sportsmen and women.

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