Withings Steel HR Sport Review

Product Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Withings Steel HR Sport smart watch is the ultimate multisport hybrid smart watch that has been clinically tested to offer accurate heart rate and sleep monitoring data. The hybrid smart watch is quite attractive, say for the uniquely designed straps, and will automatically synchronize with your device.

Withings Steel HR Sport smart watch is a product of the renowned Withings Company that invented the first hybrid watches. The brand has done its best to hold on to the first position in the hybrid smart watch industry and some of the unique features that you are going to benefit from are such as the improved battery life, that offers up to 25 days of uptime with a single charge.

At 58.97 grams the hybrid smart watch is especially light in weight when worn and will track more than 30 sporting activities. The smart watch will additionally map your sessions with distance and deliver fitness level via the VO2 max estimation. And apart from only seeing your data on the smart watch, Withings allows you to share the information, and can, therefore, integrate with Google fit Strava, and Apple health among other top fitness health applications.

Withings Steel HR Sport Pros and Cons


  • Has an elegant design
  • Set up and use is easy
  • The smart watch is light in weight with a comfortable strap
  • The battery lasts longer


  • The vibration is not as powerful
  • Not reliable for the long term

Features of the Withings Steel HR Sport

Equipped with an automatic sleep monitoring feature

For as long as you have the Withings hybrid smart watch strapped on your wrists, you can be sure of continuous health assessment with timely records. The feature will therefore provide you with accurate reports of your light and deep sleep cycles. Interruptions, regularity, and depth of your sleep will also be recorded.

Steel HR Sport Offers multisport tracking

The multisport feature incorporated in the Withings Steel HR Sport hybrid smart watch offers a wealth of information, for one information about your fitness level will be delivered through the VO2 max estimation. Secondly, among the 30+ sporting activities that you will engage in, your sessions will be mapped by distance, pace, and elevation thanks to the incorporated GPS.

Features the steel HR

The latter can be installed on your smartphone or tablet, through the health mate application that can only be found on the Android 6.0 or higher, and the IOS 10 or higher. Once installed you will receive notifications on the relevant device, and it is through this feature that you will track your heart rate.

The Withings Steel HR Sport also enables app notifications to be transmitted to your watch, most smart watches in the market don’t integrate with tablets; so for Withings, it is an upgrade and a feature worth considering when shopping for a reliable smart watch.

Can integrate with different hand bands

The make and style of the band is not restricted and you can, therefore, use bands that are either made of leather material, silicone, or metal. The latter will enable you to remain trendy no matter the occasion or style of cloth, the hybrid smart watch, on the other hand, will no doubt compliment.

Equipped with a powerful battery

Portable electronic devices, remain useful when they spend less time charging. Withings, therefore, comes equipped with a powerful battery that offers a solid 25 days with one charge. The battery is rechargeable and powerful enough to ensure that all the features of the smartwatch run seamlessly.

Tracks daily activities

Not that we all want a record of all our physical activities but because of health concerns, you might be interested in knowing the number of calories that you have burned as you go around your normal duties. Some people intentionally walk to boost their health status and for that the Withings hybrid smart watch will provide you with data, detailing the steps that you have taken and the distance that you traveled.

Withings Steel HR Sport Works with Alexa

If you search the markets, you will find that not many smart phones integrate with Alexa, and with this option, the usability of the Withings smart watch has been enhanced. When working out, users can, therefore, voice commands to access the various features.

Withings Steel HR Sport is water resistant

Now you don’t have a reason to remove your hybrid smart watch, whether you are going to sleep or taking a shower. The construction of the Withings hybrid smart watch has made it resistant to all forms of water that you are likely to come into contact with. You will, therefore, take the watch to the swimming pool with you and submerge it to a depth of 50m, and must not remove it when you are sweating.

The Withings Steel HR Sport Hybrid smart watch can be used by both men and women in the sports industry, it is only available in black, but you have the option of swapping the straps to make it more interesting and fashionable to wear.

Who is the Withings Steel HR Sport smart watch ideal for?

Withings Steel HR Sport smart watch has majorly incorporated sports technology, and is, therefore, ideal for use by men and women in sports. The smart watch can be used by teens who engage in the various active sports and benefit from the sports tracking feature and the 30+ sports modes.

Withings Steel HR Sport can also be used by the less active individuals who want access, to accurate heart rate readings and a unit that can provide reliable sleep cycle data. Other relevant information that this group of users will be able to gain is the daily activity tracking feature. The latter will automatically collect data of the steps and distance covered and the calories burned.

Why you should buy the Withings Steel HR Sport smart watch

Withings Steel HR Sport smart watch comes from an established brand known to produce good quality products. Given its command in the industry, the build, and the features incorporated in the Withings smart watch, we must say that the retail price is extremely fair for sports men and women who are looking to invest in a reliable and accurate multisport smart watch.

Another reason why you should buy the Withings Steel HR Sport smart watch is that it connects with Alexa, and the fitness applications, such as Apple Health, Strava, and Google fit. Additionally, you can integrate the smart watch with your tablet, and enjoy an uptime of up to 25 days with a single charge.

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