Willful Smart Watch Review Model ID205L

Product Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

The ID205L Willful smart watch is an intelligent wearable watch, the Willful watch runs on various applications that help it provide more than just the time. The Willful smart watch has been fitted with a 1.3-inch interactive screen, and this Willful is compatible with Apple, Huawei, and Samsung smartphones.

Willful ID205L incorporated applications that enable the smart watch to track the wearer’s sleep, and users can also get phone call notifications from their phones. Individuals will also be notified of the activities in their social media accounts and can use the heart rate monitor feature any time that they go on hikes, run, walk or climb.

The ID205L smart watch is available in 7 unique and attractive colors, and must not be removed when the wearer is sweating or when it is raining. Out of the box, users get the smart watch, a power cable, and an after-sale card that comes complete with a user manual.

Willful ID205L smart watch Pros and cons


  • The find my phone feature easily retrieves the phone when misplaced
  • Equipped with an interactive and easy to use interface
  • The smartwatch is comfortable to wear and does not feel too bulky
  • Features an impressive battery life and does not take long to charge


  • The steps tracking feature is not accurate
  • The touch screen is not efficiently responsive

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Features of the ID205L Willful Smart Watch

The Wrist sense feature

Traditional watches require one to press the buttons on the side to know the time, which could be quite hectic if your hands are busy. The Willful smart watch has, therefore, incorporated an intelligent smart sense feature that can detect when you want to lift up your hands and immediately lights up the screen.

The wrist sense feature is beneficial for all categories of people allowing them to keep doing their work and at the same time keep track of their social media accounts, heart rate, and time without touching the watch.

4 Different user interfaces

Willful smart watch has been equipped with 4 different user interfaces, and users can, therefore, customize their display to suit their current activity, style, or setting. Customization of the display can be done easily through the Willful watch settings application.

This smart watch is IP68 waterproof

A beneficial feature for swimmers as it is protected from water ingress and can be submerged up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes. What’s more is that the smart watch is resistant to the penetration of fine dust, dirt, and sand. Even better is that Wearers don’t have to remove it when sweating or when there is a heavy downpour as the IP68 waterproof protects it from all of that.

Features a sleep monitor

One of the many ways to live quality life is ensuring that you get quality sleep, and which can only be done with a sleep monitoring device. So apart from getting notifications from the various social media platforms, the willful smart watch will inform the wearer of thier sleep quality. The smzrt watch can, therefore, detect interrupted sleep, and inform you when you are sleeping less deeply or less than the recommended sleep time.

Customizable brightness settings

Brightness settings on most devices are adjusted during the evening to minimize eye strain. The same goes for the Willful smart watch, which has incorporated a 1.3 inch TFT colored screen with customizable brightness settings to complement the different times of day. The above, therefore, means that you can increase and decrease the watch’s brightness to suit your location, time of day, or for eye comfort, a feature that also works to conserve the watch’s battery.

The Willfull watch accurately measures exercise time

You no longer have to take your phone to measure your exercise time, because the Willful smart watch has incorporated a stopwatch application that will accurately measure your exercise time, all you need to do is strap it on your hands and get on with exercise.

Features a real-time heart rate monitor

real-time heart rate monitors help individuals work out at the right intensity. The Willful smart watch will, therefore, provide you with real-time heart rate readings, that you can use to determine if you are training at the right intensity to gain from the exercise. Information derived will let you know if you are exercising too hard or whether you need to add more effort.

The smart watch can integrate with different types of smartphones

Now you no longer have to rush over to your phone when you get irrelevant notifications from the various social networking platforms, because the Willful smart watch has been configured to integrate with the various types of smartphones, such as the iPhone, Huawei, and Samsung.

The smart watch will therefore, inform you of the incoming calls, and messages from the social networking platforms and other phone numbers.

Who is the Willful Smart Watch ideal for?

Willful smart watch comes in a breadth of colors that suit both the feminine and masculine gender, and includes colors that are unisex such as black and deep purple. Other interesting colors are such as pink and grey for the ladies and green and blue for the gents.

The smart watch is ideal for induviuals into fitness, as they will be able to make good use of the calorie counter, monitor their heart rates, and track activity while keeping time. The Willfull watch is also ideal for new moms who have so much to do and are unable to keep track of their health.

The Willful smart watch is also ideal for individuals in the corporate world, who barely have time to engage their phones; and even better is that it can be customized to project a professional user interface.

Why you should buy the ID205L Willful smart watch?

The ID205L Willful Smart Watch is a smart computer that has consolidated only the important applications needed for the day to day activities. Professionals will be able to keep track of their jobs through the email notifications even when out for some leisure time such as swimming; the watch ensure that the wearer stays healthy and comes equipped with a durable battery that will keep you connected for a good portion of the day before the next charge.

This intelligent smart watch is fairly priced and can be used by all categories of individuals be it sportsmen, the stay-at-home mums, or the smart suits in the corporate world.

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