Vigorun Smart Watch Review

Product Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

The high-efficiency chip incorporated in the Vigorun smart watch is sufficient to account for the unit’s high performance. The intelligent time machine will automatically evaluate how the different applications utilize energy and proceed to balance energy allocation through the power saving algorithm.

Vigorun is more of a fitness watch, but also suffices when used on other professions. The above has been enabled thanks to the incorporation of the sedentary reminder, the call and message reminder, and the sleep monitor. Vigorun comes equipped with up to 9 different sport modes, ranging from cycling, climbing to yoga among others.

The smart watch features an IP68 waterproof rating, meaning that it will remain functional when exposed to high humidity environment, and can resist dirt and dust. Weighing a mere 100grams, the build of the smartphone is robust and light in weight for the wrists and hand in general. The 1.3inch TFT LCD screen, offers a seamless interactive experience, with all the icons clearly labeled and an easy-to-navigate interface.

The incorporated straps are easy to adjust to fit different wrist sizes, and the smart watch is available in 3 distinct colors, Rosegold, green and black, and can be worn by both men and women.

Vigorun 025L Pros and Cons


  • The watch is light in weight
  • The smart watch easy to use
  • Offers value for money
  • Powerful battery


  • The heart rate monitor is not accurate
  • The strap is poor quality

Features of the Vigorun Smart Watch

Equipped with a phone finder-once integrated with your smart phone

Vigorun will help you locate your phone in case of misplacement. The phone locator incorporated in your smart watch will make a call to your smartphone to identify its location, be sure to select the call option because it is not automatic like the other features.

The smart watch has incorporated a motion sensor

Most of the features on vigorum are automatic, including the motion sensor that will detect when your hand is moving and light up the screen. You therefore, won’t need to tap on the screen or press the side button, when you are busy, to gain access to the user interface.

Equipped with a powerful battery

Vigorun smart watch comes equipped with a high capacity 210mAh battery that will offer you a clean 10 days of uptime with one charge. The above is especially convenient if you are moving out of town for a few days. Besides people who always work for long hours, can charge their smart watch over the weekends when they are free.

The smart watch is IP68 waterproof

The build of the smart watch is not susceptible to rust because of the plastic material used. What’s more is that the construction of the watch restricts the penetration of water and can, therefore, be taken to the swimming pool, worn when using tapped water or when walking in the rain. Extreme temperatures can, however, damage the smart watch; you will, therefore, not take your phone to the sauna or wear it while using hot water.

Equipped with a sleep and a heart rate monitor

The smart watch will measure your heart rate while strapped on your wrist. The benefit of the data collected by your smart watch about your heart rate is that it gives you a better edge at tracking your heart rate exercises while working out. You will, therefore, be better able to keep to a zone that enhances your fitness level.

The vigorun smart watch will only give you a vivid idea of your sleeping pattern and likely what you will be told by the doctor. However, the data collected must be analyzed by a physician, who will interpret correctly your total sleep time, analyze how disruptive it might be, and give an informed report of your sleep-wake cycle.

If you want to optimize your performance, or have just discovered that you are too sleepy during the day, or have problems sleeping through the night. The Vigorun smart watch will give you an accurate report of your sleep cycle, all you need is to have it on while sleeping.

The smart sports recorder

Among the features that are most beneficial in the Vigorun smart watch is the sports recorder, configured to optimize your workout sessions by intelligently tracking your sports distance, calories, steps, speed, and time. Athletes will especially benefit from this feature because it will, help them reduce sports injuries.

Features a high battery capacity

Most of the functions of the Vigorun smart watch are run automatically. Manual interaction with the unit has been minimized to strapping it on the wrists and using the phone locator. Given the above, the smart watch has incorporated a powerful battery, offering up to 10 solid days with just one charge.

The call and message reminder

You no longer have to be oblivious of the happenings in your smartphone, just connect it to your smart watch and all the notifications will be transmitted to your smart watch, the instant they arrive. Notifications from social networking will also be brought to your attention including email.

Equipped with a sedentary reminder

If you are not into active fitness exercises don’t worry because you will still be able to keep fit thanks to the sedentary reminder. Professionals can use this feature on their smartphones to relieve themselves of fatigue thus stretch from time to time. The unit has also incorporated a relaxation training feature that will just take 1-3 minutes of your time, to perform the abdominal breathing exercises that helps the body relax and relieve stress.

Who is the vigorun smart watch ideal for?

The vigorun smart watch is ideal for individuals who are physically active and those that are not into sports and fitness. The smart watch has incorporated a lot of features that cater to both groups, what’s more is that the different color schemes make the unit wearable by both men and women.

Why you should buy the Vigorun smart watch?

Vigorun smart watch will not burden your hand, because it is light in weight, and the incorporated touch screen user friendly. Pairing with your smart phone is a breeze, the unit has an impressive battery life, and fairly easy to use. For the price you will get good value, also if you are just starting out on smartwatches then the vigorun is a good place to start.