Umidigi Smart Watch Uwatch 3s

Product Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

The Umidigi smart watch Uwatch 3s features among the most impressive smart watches equipped with a 1.3inch TFT LCD screen. The smart watch sports a tough build derived from aluminum alloy, and the incorporated wrist bands are adjustable and of the standard dimensions. You can therefore find a replacement for your wrist band directly from the markets; the charging time has been set at 2.5 hours and will offer you up to 10 days uptime.

Some of the impressive Uwatch 3s applications that you will interact with are such as the 3-axis acceleration sensor, the 3-axis geomagnetic sensor, and the PPG heart rate sensor. Another impressive feature incorporated for use by both seasoned athletes and fitness enthusiasts are the 14 sports modes. You will, therefore, be presented with accurate data that is in line with the sporting activity that you engage in, but one that is covered by the smart watch.

The Umidigi Uwatch 3s smart watch will also track all your activities at all times, and record data when you are sleeping, walking running, sitting or swimming.

Umidigi Uwatch 3s Pros and Cons


  • Offers accurate readings of the blood pressure, heart rate and the oxygen levels
  • Equipped with informative applications
  • The smart watch is light in weight and comfortable to wear
  • Retails at a fair price and is easy to use


  • Problems with connectivity to the smart phone
  • Not possible to change the time or date

Features of the Umidigi Uwatch 3s Smart Watch

Umidigi Uwatch is Submersible up to 50meter

smart watches are delicate and sensitive gadgets that must not be exposed to extreme temperatures. You can therefore, not go with your smart watch into a sauna, neither can you have it on while dealing with hot water. However, you can submerge the Umidigi Uwatch up to 50meters deep when swimming and retain it on your wrist when you are sweating or washing your hands.

Can easily locate your phone

sometimes we misplace our smartphones and waste a lot of time looking for it, but not if you have the Umidigi smart watch. The latter will help locate your phone if it is within range and you can also use your phone to locate your smart watch, if it is within range.

Umidigi Uwatch 3s is equipped with the weather forecast feature

Gone are the days when we left the house without knowing what to expect in terms of weather changes. Umidigi will provide you with a full weather forecast, for the coming days, and which will come complete with the temperatures and conditions. The latter enables one to plan their days accordingly, more so individuals who love to bike, go mountain climbing or run in the early mornings.

Can provide both call and message notifications

now you can concentrate on a single activity without having constantly checking on your phone. Once integrated with your smart phone, Umidigi will ensure that all your phone notifications are transmitted to your smart watch for action. You will therefore, be provided with call and message notifications, social networks notifications will also be sent to your phone and which includes the email notifications.

Features a sedentary reminder

Umidigi Uwatch 3s smart watch is smart enough to detect when you have been dormant for a long time. The unit will therefore urge you to stand up and stretch out a little, so that you can release stress and relive your body of unnecessary pressure. The reminder comes in the form of a vibration, so you that you don’t miss it.

Equipped with up to 14 sporting modes

The Umidigi Uwatch 3s smart watch has incorporated all the relevant sport modes, to suit the different categories of sports men and women. Once strapped around your wrist, you will be provided with informative data about your dance lessons, your treadmill, and skipping exercises among others.

Features a sleep monitor

The good thing with investing in the Umidigi Uwatch 3s smart watch is that you don’t have to remove it from your wrist when going to bed. The smart watch has incorporated an application that will detect when you are sleeping and analyze your sleep cycle. The latter helps in the development of better sleep habits and ensures that you are in full command of your mental faculties.

Incorporated a blood oxygen monitor

Blood oxygen can be used to tell of your health condition. So, for as long as the smart watch is strapped on your wrist then you can easily access the information to know your level of blood oxygen. And even better is that it can be tracked even as you sleep.

Available in five matte colors with personalized faces

We all want to remain trendy except that money always comes in between. Not to worry though because the Umidigi smart watch retails at a fair price and which matches its quality. The unit comes in five distinct colors, all that have veered away from the shiny smart watch look, and are, therefore, available in matte complete with personalized faces.

Enables music control

Now you can effectively hide your smartphone in your pocket and customize the music settings with your smart watch. Once connected to your phone, Umidigi smart watch will access the music app and allow you full control. Some of the things that you will be able to do are to pause the music, play, press next or previous, all at the comfort of your wrist.

Who is the Umidigi smart watch Uwatch 3s ideal for?

The Umidigi smart watch Uwatch 3s is ideal for individuals in the different categories of sports, be it swimmers, basketballers, dancers, cyclists, or fitness-conscious individuals. The smart watch can also be used by the smart suits in the corporate world given the incorporated sedentary reminder, and the blood oxygen monitor.

Why should you buy the Umidigi smart watch Uwatch 3s

Umidigi Uwatch has state of the art unit that features the latest design and smart watch technology. It can be used for up to 14 sporting activities, and doubles up as a blood and sleep monitor. The Umidigi Uwatch 3s can be used to locate your phone when misplaced, and it can provide you with all the important notifications that come through to your phone.

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