TEMINICE Smart Watch High-End Fitness Tracker Review

Product Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Physically unfit individuals looking to enhance their health and just want that extra push, can make the most of their efforts by investing in the Teminice High-End fitness tracker. Out of the box, Teminice sports a responsive full color touch screen that comes complete with a durable 2.5D glass designed to survive mild impact from external forces.

All the operation and customization features of the smartphone can be accessed through the color touch screen. And the Customizable options are such as the 3 levels of brightness, and the clock’s interchangeable faces that can tweaked to complement the current mood, or style of clothing. The wrist band is adjustable to fit different arm sizes, and the smart watch is available in a variety of colors designed to suit both the male and the female gender.

Teminice High-End Fitness Tracker is for use by athletes and individuals in the corporate world, who are looking to enhance their health while in their work setting, or when engaging in other activities such as walking, swimming, or even sleeping. The smart watch gathers important information of the activities that a person engages in, and which have a direct impact on their health. The compiled data will then be analyzed to offer insight on how best to go about the daily activities among other exercises without compromising the wearers overall health.

Teminice High-End Fitness Tracker Pros and Cons


  • The downloaded application is customized to work with the age, height, weight, and gender of the wearer
  • The smart watch is equipped with a powerful battery
  • Features a clear and highly responsive display
  • Can be used by all the family members


  • Set up and integration with the phone is difficult
  • The application does not work effectively

Features of the Teminice High-End Fitness Tracker

Equipped with a music control feature

Never has listening to music been so easy while working out. The Teminice high-end fitness tracker can be integrated with your smart phone, and even allows you to customize the song application on your phone through the smartwatches interface. Some of the enabled functions are, pause, stop, play and press next, features that are all within the reach of your wrist.

The sedentary reminder feature

When you are busy it is barely possible to know how much time has passed, and for how long you have been sitting. And while sitting is good for relaxing or working, when done for a long time it becomes a health hazard. Teminice is, therefore, equipped with a sedentary reminder to ensure that you maintain optimal health when studying or working. When the reminder goes off, it is time, to move around a little and stretch the muscles, the above activities encourage consistent blood circulation.

Features a sleep monitor

Unless you lose sleep in the middle of the night, you will never understand how important sleep is to your overall wellbeing and productivity. Do you know that night sleep has four solid stages, with the most important one being the 3rd non-rem sleep stage. The latter is the deep sleep stage responsible for making you feel refreshed in the morning. Teminice high-end fitness tracker has therefore, incorporated a sleep monitor that will study your sleep pattern and inform you, whether you engage in quality sleep or whether you need to improve.

The heart rate monitor

When it comes to matters heart everyone is always very conscious, listening for any irregularities especially the older and young adults. Teminice heart rate monitor will keep you informed of the exercises that you perform and their impact on your heart rate. An athlete or a fitness enthusiast will, therefore, be able to know whether they are training within the right frequencies or whether they need to slow down, or push themselves a little harder.

The smart reminder

Ideally you are supposed to be checking your phone for notifications after every hour, but according to statistics, Americans check their phones 96 times, in one day. To help with the above, Teminice smart watch can integrate with your phone, and relieve you from the stress of constantly checking your phone for Email and sns notifications.

And you can even read text messages that have been sent to your phone or, just check your wrist to see if you have an incoming call.

The relax mode feature

A relaxed body is equivalent to a sound mind, able to take full control of the mental capacity. The Teminice high-end fitness tracker is all about keeping you healthy and putting you in the right shape to conquer the day. To which end, it features the relax mode option, that encourages you to relax and allow oxygen to enter your body by performing the breathing exercises.

Our bodies primarily depend on oxygen for survival and functioning, and that is why you find that when you breathe in and breathe out oxygen, stress levels decrease, one becomes calm and they are relieved of pain.

The stop watch and countdown timer

Whether you are working out from home or are on the race track you don’t have to keep pressing the timer or stopwatch in your phone. The incorporated stopwatch and countdown timer in the Teminice smart watch will accurately calculate your steps and other activities, all you need to do is press start.

Water proof

When exposed to water, either during swimming, when it’s raining, or when you are sweating, Teminice will remain functional. The smart watch is 5ATM waterproof enabled thus water cannot breach the seals of the watch even when submerged to up to 50meters deep.

Who is it ideal for?

Teminice high-end fitness tracker is ideal for use by individuals who are serious about enhancing their health. And even better is that it can be used by kids and, professionals who are used to sitting for extended hours thus lose track of time. The sedentary fitness tracker and the relax mode feature can help them rejuvenate, thus encourage productivity.

Why you should buy it

Teminice high-end fitness tracker is an investment worth considering because it caters to individuals from all categories; from the ones who are dormant to those that are active. The unit additionally, provides accurate information that can help enhance a person’s health.

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