SportsTRak Smart Watch

Product Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)

SportsTrak smart watch is your standard fitness tracker incorporating a larger screen that measures up to 1.5inches. The smart watch is more fashion-conscious given the color combinations that make the particular series stand out. The unit is light in weight, weighing a mere 37 grams, and features some rather robust silicone straps that can be adjusted to fit any wrist size.

Upon investing in SportsTrak, you can forget about your chest strap and your phone pouch, because the smart watch will do everything that these two items are supposed to help you with, as you work out. The unit has, therefore, incorporated a heart rate monitor, a sleep monitor and it will keep track of your blood pressure.

Sporting a 170mAh battery, you can expect the smart watch to provide you with a standby time of up to 20 days and 7 working days. SportsTrak offers up to 23 different sports modes, and you can, therefore, wear it to any of the provided sporting activity. And to make it usable in the different parts of the world, the watch has incorporated different languages beginning with the Standard English language, Italian, Portuguese and French among others.

SportsTRak Pros and Cons


  • The incorporated battery is durable
  • The silicone band is comfortable to strap around the wrist
  • Applications work fine
  • Offers value for money


  • The smart watch must be reset constantly to remain functional
  • The notifications stop working after sometime

Features of the SportsTrak smart watch

SportsTrak can integrate with the various smartphones

Going for workouts does not mean that you should disconnect from the world. SportsTrack smart watch can integrate with various types of smartphones to offer real-time notifications that are sent to your phone. Calls, messages, and notifications from social networks will all be delivered to your smartwatch. Even better is that the smart watch can store messages that are awaiting action.

Incorporated a breath of sports modes (23)

It is highly unlikely that you might fail to find your particular sport mode in the SportsTrak smart watch, given the high number of sports mode. The latter, therefore, makes the smart watch usable by almost everyone, and they can expect to be provided with data on the type of sports that they engage in; be it cycling, swimming, playing table tennis, or badminton.

Equipped with the sleep monitor

SportsTrak is an all-round intelligent smart watch and instead of becoming dormant at night, it will stay awake and monitor your sleep cycles. Important to note is that the information compiled cannot be used as a basis for treatment or diagnosis of a disorder, but will serve as a hypothesis for a more serious engagement with your physician.

Now the good thing about the smart watch is that you can set the time interval that the smart watch will detect your sleep cycles, as you go to sleep. The above is beneficial because people can check the consistency of the sleep cycle results to determine whether they are reliable or not. Mind you it doesn’t have to be at night, the sleep monitor can be customized to detect the sleeping cycle at any time within 24hours.

Equipped with a large TFT touch screen

The incorporated large colorful TFT screen makes interacting with the smart watch a breeze. The large and small icons all contribute to the aesthetics of the interface and which in the process simplifies navigation when moving from one feature to another. The screen is highly responsive to touch making interaction with the phone effortless.

Features the Bluetooth 5.0 technology

This particular Bluetooth technology comes with a lot of benefits, for example, information transmission is done fast, the broadcast messaging technology has been boosted to 800% and the range increased up to 4 times.

Does not integrate with all the smartphone devices

Sports Trak can only be used with particular smartphones, the Android 4.4 or above, and the IOS 8.0 or above. If you don’t have the above devices, then integration with your smartphone will be impossible. The smart watch, however, remains functional and you can make good use of the other features, such as the sports mode, and the blood and temperature monitor.

Can monitor the blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation

The incorporated blood oxygen saturation monitor offers you an easier way of measuring oxygen saturation in your blood. The blood pressure monitor, on the other hand, can help with the early diagnosis of blood pressure. Another additional and equally important feature is the body temperature monitor, which will give you a constant update of your body temperature.

Can be worn by both men and women

SportsTrak smart watch can be worn by both male and female athletes. And while it comes equipped with a lot of features that support the various sporting activities Sports Trak is not entirely reliable when it comes to using it in areas with high humidity.

The IP67 waterproof feature

Only allows for minimal exposure to water, and can, therefore, be submerged up to 1 meter deep for one hour. The smart watch is, however, highly resistant to dust and dirt, but should not be subjected to extreme temperatures both high and low.

The band is customizable

The SportTrak band can be swapped, with the incorporated free extra watch strap. If you, however, want a wide variety of straps to alternate then you will have to venture into the markets both online and the brick and mortar stores, to find one that is suitable.

Who is SportsTRak smart watch ideal for?

SportsTrak smart watch is ideal for use by sportsmen and women. It can also be used by individuals who want to keep a tab on their body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, and blood pressure.

Why you should buy the SportsTrak smart watch?

SportsTrak comes equipped with an easy-to-navigate interface thanks to the 1.5ich color TFT screen. The latter enables easy and seamless interaction with the smart watch. What’s more, is that the watch has incorporated a high capacity battery that will enable long time use with a single charge. Not to mention the Bluetooth 5.0 feature that allows for faster transmission of data and long-range connectivity.

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