LIFEBEE Smart Watch Fitness Tracker ID205L

Product Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

LIFEBEE smart watch fitness tracker comes in a breadth of interesting and vibrant colors, designed to uplift the mood, one of our favorite is the red colored LIFEBEE smart watch fitness tracker. Other interesting colors that you might want to try out, as you break away from the traditional black smart watches, are the dark green and the purple-colored LIFEBEE smart watches.

Sporting a wide variety of relevant applications, the smart watch will allow you access to the music controller, the heart rate monitor, the sedentary alert, and the sleep monitor. The latter helps ensure that you get a good command of your mental faculties leading to a productive day. The incorporated interactive screen measures up to 1.3 inches and can connect wirelessly with other devices thanks to the blue tooth feature.

The smart watch weighs a mere 110 grams, which makes it wearable for extended hours; the incorporated battery is quite powerful and can give you up to 10 solid days of uptime. The unit can be charged overnight for 2.5 hours, and be integrated with either the ios 8.0 series or higher, or the android 4.4 series or higher. The user interface of the LIFEBEE smart watch is highly responsive and interactive, navigation and use have also been simplified for the new users.

LIFEBEE Smart Watch fitness tracker Pros and Cons


  • Connects easily with a mobile device
  • Offers up to 9 sports modes, complete with a heart rate monitor
  • The battery stays on for longer even with extensive use
  • The made is made of good quality rubber that does not retain sweat under the skin


  • The strap discolors over time
  • Bluetooth connectivity is problematic

Features of the ID205L LIFEBEE Smart Watch fitness tracker

IP68 Waterproof fitness watch

Want to sharpen your swimming skills, the LIFEBEE smart watch fitness tracker features an IP68 waterproof rating, meaning you can take it with you deep into the swimming pool for up 1.5meters, and for a full 30 minutes. Additionally, the IP68 rating, means that your smart watch can resist dirt and dust, thus you can comfortably take it to any environment (moist or dry).

The above makes the smartphone highly functional and can, therefore, be used by individuals in different professions, be it the servicemen or the fitness trainers and their clients.

Equipped with the intelligent notification feature

smartphones are intelligent units and that includes the LIFEBEE smartwatch that has been configured to connect with your phone and alert you anytime you get notifications. All the information sent to your phone can be viewed through the smart watch, just ensure that your phone is the relevant type of android or iOS device.

You will, therefore, be able to get notifications from your social networking platforms, including the calls and messages that come to your phone.

Features a GPS tracker

The GPS feature on the smartwatch will record your racing or training route, and which you can adjust accordingly to match with your fitness objectives. The watch is also equipped with a heart rate monitor, and you will, therefore, be informed of whether you are putting too much load on your heart or whether you need to pump it up.

Ideally, you can adjust your fitness exercises to favor your heart’s well-being.

Offers up to 9 different sports modes

And probably all the sporting activities that you engage in have been incorporated, which then makes the smart watch an all-around fitness coach. The sports modes that you will be provided with are such as cycling, hiking, running, and walking among others.

Equipped with a sedentary reminder- if your work involves sitting for extended hours then this is the smart watch for you because it comes with a reminder that will have you up on your feet stretching. The latter is highly beneficial because it helps with blood flow, among other metabolic activities.

Incorporated an Automatic sleep monitor

Sleep plays a big role in our overall health system, and quality of life and that is why the LIFEBEE smart watch fitness tracker will analyze your sleeping pattern, with which you can use to improve your sleeping pattern. The 4 stages of sleep are important and should be adhered to religiously, and the best way to go about getting your sleep right is by first identifying the problem using the LIFEBEE smart watch fitness tracker.

The music control feature

once integrated with your phone, you can customize your music through the smart watch. You can, therefore, skip songs, play the next or the previous songs, and if you feel like you have had enough, you could also stop the music altogether.

Incorporated a high capacity battery

LIFEBEE fitness trackers run a plethora of applications that are bound to drain the battery, but that will not happen thanks to the incorporated 210mAh battery. The high-capacity battery will remain functional for up to 10 days, but with minimal use; too much use on the other hand, will afford you some incredible uptime of up to 8 days.

The charging time has been set at 2 ½ hours, and you can leave it to charge overnight.

Features a sports and health monitor

Now that you have the LIFEBEE smart watch, you can stop worrying whether your health is okay or not. The smart watch has incorporated a sports and health monitor that will track all the activities that you do with your body and which can impact your health. You will, therefore, be provided with accurate records of your sports data, and all the activities that you engage in during the day.

Who is the LIFEBEE smart watch fitness tracker ideal for?

LIFEBEE ID205L is ideal for men and women in the fitness industry, it is also ideal for individuals who work for long hours while in the sitting position. It can also be used by men and women who are not into fitness but want to keep track of their health.

Why you should buy the LIFEBEE smart watch fitness tracker?

The LIFEBEE smart watch fitness tracker comes equipped with a highly responsive motion sensor, which ensures that you are provided with an accurate and conclusive report of your daily activities. You will, therefore, be presented with records of your sleep, and you will also be reminded to stretch a little after sitting for so long. If your phone is compatible with the smart watch, you will be able to view all your SNS notifications without necessarily reaching out for your phone.

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