Letsfit Smart Watch Review ID205L

Product Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Looking for a smart watch, but are on a strict budget, then the Letsfit smart watch is what you should be looking for. The Letsfit ID205L Smart watch sports a crystal clear display, making it easy to interact with all your fitness data when on the move or when you have just woken up from deep sleep. Among Letsfit best features is the tracker, designed to provide the wearer with health information about their daily activities.

Letstif smart watch can be integrated with your smart phone, and give you access to the relevant features in your phone without you having to put your hands in your pocket every other time. Email and the social network notifications can be accessed from the fitness tracker, and wearers will also be notified of the incoming calls and messages through their smartwatches.

The fitness tracker is highly versatile in that it can integrate with the IOS and Android phones, has incorporated the Bluetooth technology to enhance connectivity but cannot integrate with laptops and tablets. We have found the incorporated multi-sports mode to be quite convenient for the different sporting activities, but disappointed with the absence of the fitness mode, which must be sought from the manufacturers, VeryFitPro app.

Letsfit ID205L Pros and Cons


  • The Letsfit ID205L smart app pairs easily with the relevant applications
  • Excellent fitness tracker that is resistant to water
  • Light in weight and cosmetically appealing
  • The flexible wrist is comfortable for the hand


  • Lacks the night mode, the powerful glare is uncomfortable for the eyes
  • Does not connect to the phone when far away

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Features and the Letsfit Smart Watch

IP68 water proof

letsfit smart watch IP68 waterproof rating makes it submersible to a depth of up to 1.5m and for a clean 30minutes, meaning that it doesn’t have to be removed during swimming. The unit will remain functional when exposed to dust dirt and sand, but functionality might be compromised when worn in hot baths, and in saunas.

Swimmers will greatly benefit from the watch and even better is that they must not unstrap it when it’s raining or when washing utensils. Resistance to fine dust, makes it usable in different environments and by various categories of professionals.

Equipped with a powerful long-life battery

Letsfit smart watch is more of a mini-computer than it is a smart watch. Its efficiency has therefore, been enhanced by the incorporation of a powerful battery that charges fast, making it good for short time travel out of town. The fast-charging battery can offer up to 10 solid days of connectivity, and can be recharged easily via the hassle-free charging feature.

The incorporated powerful battery is a perfect feature for professionals in the corporate world who are likely to skip town on short notice and not carry the smart watch’s charger.

Easy music control feature

Individuals who love listening to music when working out, or when walking or riding to work are going to love the Letsfit smart watch because all the necessary controls are within their arms reach. Once integrated with a smart phone, the wearer will go to the device’s page through the very fit pro application and select the “Music control” option and begin jamming.

Music customization will be done easily on the smart watch, but the music will be streaming from the wearer’s phone.

Incorporated a sleep tracker

The Letsfit smart watch can be worn to bed, to help evaluate the quality of your sleep. Information retrieved includes a conclusive report of your deep, light, and awake sleep. The overall sleep analysis information can then be used to improve and change sleeping patterns for a restful night that then encourages productivity during the day.

Features a heart rate monitor

The heart rate monitor enables wearers to indulge in safe training, effectively determining when the exercise is too much for the heart or whether they can push themselves a little bit more. The heart rate monitor is highly flexible and can, therefore, be monitored manually, or automatically.

Allows notifications

Once the Letsfit ID205L is integrated with the wearer’s phone, the fitness tracker will receive all the notifications that come into your phone, and you can read them, but reply using your phone. Email notifications, messages, call information, and notifications from your social media accounts will all be presented to you via the 1.3inch TFT-LCD colored screen.

The Letsfit breathing guide

Breathing heavily is not good for the body, so when it happens your body sends a message to the brain to relax and calm down. Our body’s systems heavily depend on oxygen to carry out the various bodily functions, effective breathing, therefore, enables us to get hold of our mental capacity, sleep better and digest food without problems.

Effective breathing also reduces stress levels and all of which you can achieve by investing in the Letsfit smart watch. The unit has been configured to guide breathing and to help the wearer find calm moments, as they engage the busy day, while also feeling relaxed.

Customizable brightness settings

With regard to the time of day, Letsfit smart watch wearers can adjust the resolution of their smart watch for the comfort of their eyes. When using the smart watch during the day, the brightness levels can be increased and reduced with regards to the time of day. The above feature not only protects the eyes from the powerful light but makes interacting with the phone a breeze.

Who is the ID205L Letsfit smart watch ideal for?

The Letsfit smart watch can be worn by individuals in all kinds of professions, it cuts across the board from the fitness enthusiasts to the athletes and both the white and blue-collar individuals who are into healthy living.

Why you should buy the Letsfit?

If you are looking to improve your health, and want to keep track of what your are doing, activity, sleep, calories burned an so on, the Letsfit smart watch will help you monitor your progress and help you improve your health and fitness daily.

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