Letscom ID205L Smart Watch Health & Fitness Tracker

Product Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Letscom ID205l is a excellent fitness tracker smart watch, it has incorporated up to 9 sports models. The smart watch can, therefore, track all your sporting activities known to influence your overall health, such as walking, running, swimming, and working out in the gym. The watch is also capable of providing you with real-time exercise statistics, via the built-in multi-sports modes.

The letscom fitness tracker watch not only tracks your active life but has been designed to ensure that you remain healthy even when dormant. You will, therefore, interact with the sedentary reminder feature, and the relaxation training option, meant to help you relax, relieve stress and rejuvenate.

Among the smart watches most reliable features, are the call, messages, and SNS notifications, so you never miss a call, and can always be notified when work emails are sent. The incorporated storage capacity is impressive allowing you to store up to 10 messages. And talking about compatibility, the smart watch can integrate with both the ios and android phones and can afford a wireless standard connectivity thanks to the Bluetooth feature.

Letscom smart watch comes equipped with a powerful battery that can retain its charge for up to 10 days with the charging time taking only 2-3 hours. The smart watches are available in a variety of colors, including the favorite dark black and the classy grey.

Letscom ID205L Watch Pros and Cons


  • The step counter is accurate, and you can get a breakdown of the steps accomplished per hour
  • Equipped with a simple and easy to use interface
  • The TPU straps are comfortable on the wrists
  • The Bluetooth stays connected throughout


  • The heart rate monitor does not record when you are active
  • The sleep monitor does not work accurately

Features of Letscom Smart Watch

Letscom ID205L has an IP68 water-resistant rating

If you want to train in the light showers and want a record of the activity, then you can leave your letscom smart watch on your wrist. The IP68 rating is meant to ensure that your smart watch does not get compromised when exposed to extremely moist conditions. You can, also go swimming with it, wash your hands while it is still tied to your wrist, and run or walk with it in the rain.

The waterproof rating is beneficial for the various sporting modes, and you can, therefore, comfortably access your real-time data when swimming or jogging under light showers.

The ID205L Watch Features a premium design

The Letscom smart watch’s premium design not only protects the skin but enables it to remain functional. You will, therefore, be presented with a large and responsive touch screen that offers enhanced visual experience, while enabling easy customization. The TPU straps are comfortable on the arms, and do not react with the skin, the unit is additionally light in weight.

The smart watch is resistant to water and fine dust and dirt- Letscom is splash-proof, rainproof, and waterproof. And can be submerged to a depth of up to 1.5m deep for a full 30 minutes, making it a good fitness tracker to have on, when going for a swim.

The Letscom fitness tracker features a breathing guide

Normally the breathing exercises are to be done 3 to 4 times a day, but due to the busy schedules, we are barely able to do even one. Once you invest in the Letscom Smart Watch, designed to track your health and ensure that you are functioning at your best. You will also get the breathing reminders, meant to help relieve you of stress; the deep breathing exercises will therefore, help lower stress in the body.

What happens is that when you breathe deeply messages are sent to your brain, and which enables the body to relax and calm down.

Customizable brightness levels

Powerful light that doesn’t match your existing surrounding can harm your eyes. And that is why, Letscom smart watch allows you to tweak the brightness settings, and adjust it to complete your existing environment and in the long run make it comfortable for your eyes.

Customizable user interface

Anytime that you want to get a new feel with your ID205L smart watch, just alternate between the four different dial displays. The latter can be changed to suit your style or to match the current occasion; important to remember is that none of the interfaces can present a challenge when you want to interact with the phone.

The 24/7 automatic heart rate tracking feature

There is a big relationship between your heartbeats and your workouts. Your heart rate can tell whether you are pushing your limits or whether you are within the recommended range. The latter is beneficial for fitness enthusiasts and athletes, as they will be able to know when to stop and when to push themselves when working out.

The Letscom ID205L also tracks your heart rate when you sleep

Sleep analysis ensures that you complete the 4 important sleep stages, from the light to the deep sleep up until you wake up. The latter ensures that as morning comes your mind and body are well relaxed, thus enable productivity.

Large 210mAh powerful battery capacity

The Letscom powerful battery, will not have you look for your charger after every 3 hours, because it can maintain charge for up to 10days. Given the number of applications that run on the smart watch and which includes the fitness tracker that counts steps and the calorie counter. It is no doubt that the battery offers the best performance, with a short charging time set at 2 to 3 hours.

Bluetooth transmission distance

The incorporated Bluetooth feature enables a wireless transmission, covering an impressive distance of up to 33 feet or 10 meters.

Who is it ID205L ideal for?

Letscom fitness tracker smart watch is ideal for athletes, the fitness experts, and individuals in the corporate world. Individuals working from home, including the stay-at-home mums, can also benefit from this unit, by utilizing the sedentary reminder, the heart rate monitor, and the breathing reminder.

Why you should buy the ID205L Watch?

If you lately have concerns about our overall health and would like deeper insight, then Letscom fitness tracker smart watch is the perfect device that will provide you with conclusive information of your daily activities.

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