Lemfo Smart Watch Review LF26

Product Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

The Lemfo smart watch LF26 comes equipped with a wealth of statistics that can be used to enhance your health. From the outlook, the smart watch has veered away from the traditional design that are characteristic of a square face and a responsive touch screen. Lemfo has been made specifically for use by the male gender, and the whole unit is characteristic of durable metal, with metallic straps that can be interchanged for the leather straps.

Though sporting the traditional wristwatch body, Lemfo must be charged to remain functional. The smart watch is additionally, equipped with a 150mAh battery that will remain functional for either five or seven days with a single charge. The standby time has been set at 15days with an impressive short charging time of 1.5 hours. Lemfo can integrate with smartphones that are either android 4.4 or the ios 8.0, if you wish to use the Bluetooth feature then you have to ensure that it is a 4.0 or higher.

The feature-packed smart watch affords the wearer up to 8 different customizable dials, has a 1.3-inch touch screen, and has uniquely adopted the 360×360 resolution IPS color screen. And to make it even more functional the unit features, the latest user interface design. And unlike the old model smart watch, the metal wrist brackets of the Lemfo smart watch are adjustable to suit different hand sizes and therefore, offer an exact fit.

Lemfo LF26 Pros and Cons


  • The price matches the good quality
  • Comes with two sets of straps, the metal bracelet, and the soft leather bracelet
  • Can be used in moist environments
  • Can help track heart health


  • Designed for use b man only
  • The metal strap is not durable

Features of the Lemfo Smart Watch

Lemfo LF26 is waterproof

Lemfo boasts of an IP67 water resistance rating, meaning that it can be dropped up to 1 meter deep in water. You must, however, know that you cannot go swimming with the smart watch, neither can you go into the shower with it strapped in your arms. It can, therefore, be used in the mild moisture situations such as when washing hands, sweating, or even rain.

Can integrate with your smartphone

Lemfo LF26 has been configured to keep the wearer up to date, and they will, therefore, be able to view their phone notifications, through the smart watch. Some of the information that will be transmitted are such as SMS messages, and notifications from the various networking platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Customizable user interface

since you can switch the metal bracelets with the leather bracelets, how about you find a dial that complements the bracelet and make your smartwatch look even cooler. Lemfo offers up to 8 interfaces that wearers can interchange, important to note is that the style of the dial that you decide to settle with, will change to match the immediate weather.

Features up to 6 exercise modes

individuals who are into fitness training or athletics can use the smartwatch for their fitness activities given that it has been equipped with up to 6 different exercise modes. Relevant and actionable information that will be derived are such as the exercise distance, calorie consumption and the steps walked.

Can help take pictures

once the application on your phone connects with the smartwatch, you can use the camera function of the application to control your phone and complete photos.

Comes with a 3-month warranty

Once purchased and opened, the Lemfo smart watch warranty is immediately activated. Any signs of defects or a compromise in quality caused by the manufacturer, allows you to reach out to the manufacturer through Amazon’s back office, and get your quality replacement, repair or return service.

Equipped with a sleep tracker

Your sleep quality determines to a large extent how productive you will be during the day. The smart watch will therefore collect your sleep data, which you will analyze and make the necessary changes and improvements to remain productive. Important to note is that Lemfo smart watch will not get spoilt if you sleep with it on your wrists.

Comes incorporated with up to 6 exercise modes

Once you get the Lemfo smart watch wrapped around your wrists, you will be able to monitor your heart rate, and you will also get reminders during the day to stretch out and relieve your muscles, through the sedentary reminder. Lastly, you will also benefit from the GPS function that has been designed to monitor your health data as you engage in various activities. The GPS function will remind you to engage in the proper physical fitness exercises.

Features the latest smart watch resolution screen

The screen of the Lemfo LF26 measures up to 1.3 inches, and is made of the PPI Amoled material. The latter has been designed to offer the best visual effects while enabling a customizable, responsive, and interactive dial.

Equipped with a large capacity battery

The high capacity battery, enables the Lemfo smart watch, to remain functional for extended periods even with all the applications running. The maximum standby time has, been set at 1.5 hours, while the maximum uptime is 7 hours.

Of the many smart watches in the market, the Lemfo smart watch has its manufacturer standing solidly behind it. And have, therefore, expressed their confidence in the workmanship and durability of the unit by slapping a 3 months warranty on the smart watch. Users also get an incentive upon purchase, if you therefore, feel that the metallic bracelets are not comfortable, you can always switch them out with the provided leather straps.

Who is the Lemfo smart watch ideal for?

The Lemfo smart watch has a masculine outlook, so it will best fit the male individuals who are into sports and fitness. The unit will also be perfect for the individuals in the corporate platform and who need sedentary reminders and breathing exercises. Older men who are into fitness, and work out regularly will greatly benefit from wearing the smartphone given the breadth of applications.

Why should you buy the Lemfo smart watch?

You should buy the lemfo smartwatch because it is a timeless piece representing both the new and the old generation fashionably. The smart watch is more of a fitness coach, and a personal assistant making sure that you stay on top of your fitness game while keeping in touch with the office.

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