Gandley Smart Watch Review

Product Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

The modern design Gandley smart watch can be used by both men and women in athletics among other professions, including individuals who love to do light workouts. If you are new to the smart watch industry, you can try out the Gandley smart watch that comes equipped with a sleep tracker, which will automatically detect and track your sleep. The latter will provide useful information on your sleep quality from which you can make the necessary adjustments.

Incorporated is a long-life battery that features the latest battery technology and is equipped with a high-efficiency chipset. The battery offers an uptime of up to 20 days, and the consumption system is especially low. And just like your smart phone, the smart watch will provide you with a complete report of your area’s weather forecast, so that you can walk out knowing what to expect in terms of weather changes.

The incorporated camera controller, will easily connect with your phone and allow you to take professional photos, more especially the group photos that might be difficult to achieve the right pose.

Gandley Watch Pros and Cons


  • The matter black straps make for a professional unit
  • The battery life is decent
  • The smart watch is equipped with customizable interfaces
  • The application easily connects to a phone


  • The watch has a short shelf life
  • Has pairing problems with selected phones
  • Features of the Gandley Smart watch

Offers 11 sporting modes

All the sporting activities that you are likely to engage in have been incorporated in the Gandley smart watch. You will, therefore, be provided with data that explicates the impact of the sporting activities on your health, from where you can change, increase, or reduce the intensity of your workouts for enhanced health.

The heart rate monitor

Talking about elevating technology, the Gandley smart watch comes equipped with a heart rate monitor, to keep you in the loop of your exercise intensity. The feature is known to provide an accurate index of the efforts that you are exerting while working out. And from which you can either reduce or increase the intensity in a way that will not burden your heart or negatively impact your overall health.

The smart watch is resistant to moisture

once you have the smart watch strapped on your wrist, you can go swimming with it, wash your hands and even walk in the rain without compromising its functionality. The IP68 rating on the Gandley smart watch allows it to be submerged up to 1.5meters deep and for a full 30 minutes. The IP68 rating is also an assurance that the phone is resistant to dust and dirt.

The Gandley sleep tracker

Are you having problems concentrating during the day, have you checked your sleeping pattern. The sleep tracker equipped on the smart watch is among the most important features that you might want to exploit. If you are finding it difficult to concentrate during the day, then it is high time that you analyze your sleep quality, by wearing the Gandley smart watch to bed. The unit has been designed to detect and track your sleep, and the information derived can be used to improve your sleeping habits, which would then lead to productivity.

Equipped with up to four customizable interfaces

Gandley smart watch is a fitness tracker that portrays some serious aesthetics. You will, therefore, be able to alternate between four different faces, each that has been designed to afford the watch a different feel. So, whether you are looking for a classy look, a professional feel, or want your smart watch to exude fun, all the interchangeable faces are at your disposal.

Notification feature has been enabled on the smart watch

All the notifications that come to your phone will be transmitted to your smart watch. You will, therefore, be notified when someone is trying to reach out to you through text messages, and for this option, there is no limit to the number of messages that can be received.

The smart watch features the best workmanship

From the outlook, you can tell that the watch is especially attractive, and its beauty has not compromised its build. You will, therefore, be provided with a 1.3 inch responsive and durable round screen, the straps are dual-colored, and have the perfect match. For example, black has been combined with grey, features that make it suitable for use by both boys and girls, men, women, and the young seniors.

Can be used both indoors and outdoors

The incorporated applications and features make the smart watch usable by individuals who spend most of their time indoors and those that spend a good chunk of their time outdoors. For example, the sedentary reminder, the sleep tracker, and the alarm are good indoor applications.

While the heart rate monitor, the 11 sports modes, and the camera remote control are beneficial outdoor features and can be utilized by individuals in all age groups.

Offers detailed data weather forecast

Whether you are going to work, to work out, or to school, knowing what the day will bring can help equip you appropriately. The Gandley smart watch, will, therefore, provide you with the day’s weather forecast, and which comes complete with detailed information on the temperature, climate, and weather.

Who is the Gandley smart watch ideal for?

The Gandley smart watch can be worn by anyone, male or female. The incorporated features and applications cut across a broad spectrum of users, and will, therefore, suffice for both the active and inactive individuals. What’s more is that it has a special feature for the female gender, and has been provided with an application that helps them calculate their menstrual cycles.

Why you should buy the Gandley Smart watch

One of the reasons why you should buy this Gandley watch is because it is trendy and the construction features, have majorly focused on its aesthetics. The incorporated features are more that you can find in your standard smart watch such as the 11 sports modes, the blood pressure feature, and the heart rate monitor. Not to forget that it offers value for money.

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