Bingo Fit Smart Watch Review

Product Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

If you are out for a smart watch that has achieved the perfect balance between price and quality then the Bingo fit smart watch is what you are looking for. This unit is not only feature-packed but retails at a pocket-friendly price. Out of the box, the smart watch comes equipped with up to 5 multi-sports modes and will, therefore, record data when you engage in any of the sporting modes for analysis and improvement.

The smart watch comes equipped with a GPS feature that has been configured to record your tracks and even show you, your walking map. The incorporated heart rate and sleep monitor will effectively track your sleep pattern, and monitor your heart rate in relation to the various exercises that you engage. You will then be provided with an analyzed report to help you understand whether you are putting too much pressure on your heart, or need to push yourself harder.

The sleep monitor helps people evaluate their sleeping patterns and take actionable steps where necessary. The unit enables smart notifications and even better is that you just need to turn your wrist and the intelligent smart watch will sense the movement and light up, for you to view.

Bingo Fit Fitness Tracker Pros and Cons


  • The battery life is pretty decent
  • Light in weight and comfortable on the wrist
  • The interactive and customizable interfaces feature the best choice of faces
  • The large dial screen makes it easy to interact with the phone


  • The step counter is defective
  • The smart watch is not accurate on BP
  • The workmanships is poor with parts falling apart
  • Features of the Bingo Fit smart watch
  • The Auto sleep tracking and analysis feature

For you to be your best in the professional circles, you must first get sufficient night sleep. So, how do you know your sleeping pattern is okay, by using a sleep tracker. Bingo fit smart watch comes equipped with a sleep tracker, so when you go to bed with the watch around your wrist at night, it will automatically analyze your sleep quality. You will then be provided with sleep data that you can use to develop the best sleeping habits.

The smart watch is equipped with the most stylish dials

If you are one of those people that get bored easily with seeing the same thing every time then you will have a ball with the stylish dials in the Bingo fit smart watch. The unit provides you with up to four different stylish dials that work like the themes that we used to download for our smartphones back in the day.

The stylish dials when interchanged will give your phone a completely new look and can even be customized to match the occasion, whether professional or non-professional.

Incorporated an intelligent motion sensor

Anytime that you want to access the notifications on your smart watch, all you will be required to do is lift up or turn your wrist. The incorporated motion sensor on the Bingo fit smart watch, will sense the movement and light the screen for you effortlessly.

The brightness settings of the screen can also be tweaked to match the current environment and to make it comfortable for the eyes. You will, therefore, be able to effectively engage the smart watch whether you are in an environment with bright or dim lights.

The sedentary reminder

Bingo fit smart watch always monitors the wearer’s activities even when they seem to be dormant. On any occasion that the smart watch detects that you have been dormant or have been sitting for too long, it will remind you to stand and stretch out a bit. The latter enables the body systems to work efficiently, mostly the flow of blood, and even relieves the muscles.

Equipped with a 1.3” full touch screen

The incorporated touch screen on the Bingo fit smartwatch is highly responsive, and the interface is also easy to navigate. The above makes it easy for new users to exploit the features of the smart watch, given that many people shy away from gadgets that have a steep learning curve before use.

The smart notifications feature

Once integrated with your smartphone, all the notifications that come to your phone can be viewed from the smart watch. The above includes messages and notifications from your social media accounts. And in case your phone is not within your reach, but there is an incoming call, you will also be notified through the smart watch.

Can be used to control music

Now you don’t have to reach deep into your pocket to press stop, pause or move over to the next song. Once you have connected your smart watch to your smartphone, all the above features can be accessed on the smart watch, making customization a breeze.

Powerful battery capacity and short charging time

The charging time for your Bingo fit smart watch has been set at 2 hours, and with a single charge, you will get a little more than seven days uptime. Important to note is that the charge time and overall battery life will change with regard to use and settings. So the more applications that you run, the more the battery will be drained.

The straps can be changed

Instead of getting two watches, how about you get an extra wrist strap or straps. Yes, it is possible given that the strap feature has been made interchangeable. You can therefore get the metal bracelet straps, or the durable leather straps, and alternate them from time to time.

Who is the Bingo Fit smartwatch ideal for?

The bingo fit smart watch is ideal for individuals in the fitness industry and the professionals, who are sometimes caught up with too much work, as it will help them keep tabs on their overall health. Older adults can also use the smartwatch to track their daily activities such as walking, sleep quality, and heart rate.

Why you should buy the Bingo fit smartwatch?

You should buy this watch because it is one among many in the markets that will receive your full-text messages, and receive email notifications from both Gmail and Yahoo. What’s more, the notifications will fully display the sender’s name and part of the messages, to give you an idea of what it is about.

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