AUKEY Smart Watch Review LS02

Product Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

AUKEY smart watch LS02 has been fashionably designed, and the screen has superseded the common 1.3-inch smart watch screen and offers a large 1.4 TFT screen size for easy navigation, and for enhanced interaction, you will be provided with a 320 x 320p resolution.

Among its interesting features that most teens are going to like, are the notifications. Once integrated with your smartphone, AUKEY will provide you with notifications from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram among others. Another feature that can be customized remotely is your phone’s music playlist and the stopwatch timer, the latter can be tweaked directly from the smart watch to optimize training.

Overall the AUKEY LS02 is among the best budget smart watches in the industry equipped with a high-capacity battery and features a BT 5 version. The latter enables low energy transmission and offers a theoretically proven range of up to 800ft, thus more data can be transmitted over a longer range. AUKEY LS02 is compatible with iOS 8.0 or Android 4.4 or higher.

AUKEY LS02 pros and Cons


  • The screen is especially clear
  • Offers value for money
  • Comfortable to wear and is light in weight
  • The best smart watch for fitness performance


  • The applications run a bit slow
  • Does not maintain a consistent connection

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Features of the AUKEY LS02 Smart Watch

Equipped with a smart sleep insight

The smart sleep cycle in the AUKEY LS02 smart watch will detect and record your sleeping patterns. The information provided can be used to determine if you engage in healthy sleeping patterns, thus physicians will be better able to advise on the way forward with regards to the gathered data.

The smart watch incorporated a sedentary reminder

AUKEY LS02 has been designed to provide you with all-around information on the activities that you engage in, whether active or inactive. So while you will be able to track your sporting activities, the smart watch will also remind you to stand and stretch or walk around when you have been sitting for extended hours. The above is accomplished through the incorporated sedentary reminder.

Incorporates heart rate monitor

The heart rate monitor will provide you with data on your heart rate beating, just by wearing it on your wrist. The heart rate monitor will, therefore, tell you how fast your heart is beating, so that you structure your exercise routines and exercise at the right intensity. In general, you will be provided with a real-time and accurate index of your efforts.

Offers up to 12 sports mode

AUKEY LS02 is more of a coach and a training partner than it is a smart watch because it can accurately track a breadth of the physical exercises that you will most likely engage in. The fitness tracker will effectively monitor your progress towards the set targets, while also providing you with your performance data in terms of the distance traveled, steps, and the calories burnt.

Features the IP68 waterproof rating

AUKEY LS02 when compared to some of the leading smartwatches in the market does offer an impressive performance in terms of usability. Most smart watches cannot withstand high temperatures, AUKEY on the other hand will continue functioning even when exposed to extreme temperatures.

The IP68 waterproof rating is more of a bonus given that it can withstand both the high and low extreme temperatures. Sweat or rain cannot comprise the functionality of your smart watch, and you can even take it with your to the swimming pool and collect your swimming data.

Incorporated a powerful battery

AUKEY LS02 has been equipped with a 260mAh battery, and which will provide your with up to 20 days of uptime. Now you don’t have to worry about skipping town on short notice, better yet expeditions and getaways will not necessarily need for you to carry the smartwatch charger.

The smart watch is equipped with a large 1.4 TFT screen

AUKEY LS02 does not feature the 1.3-inch standard screen size found on most smart watches. So, in a bid to make the watch more engaging and easy to navigate between the various functions, the manufacturer has incorporated a large 1.4 inch TFT screen complete with a crystal clear display.

The display has been set at 320 x 320p resolution, and you can, therefore, retrieve your sporting data among other notifications with relative ease.

Build and durability

AUKEY LS02 smart watch is made of strong durable material, the straps can be adjusted to offer a perfect fit, and the material used is not only light in weight but comfortable for the wrists. The build has incorporated a few interchangeable watch faces but nothing too fancy, which is quite a disappointment given the plethora of useful features.

The smart watch is available in black, making it suitable for both men and women, and can also make an appearance on the different types of occasions. When compared to the standard smart watch, AUKEY is a little bit big, which is not a bad thing given the screen size.

Covers a longer distance

If you have used a smart watch before, then you are familiar with the connectivity issues, in relation to distance. So while most smartwatches come equipped with a wireless Bluetooth connectivity feature, not all of them offer the BT 5 version. The latter is the latest Bluetooth version known to enable low energy transmission, what’s more is that the range offered by BT 5 is four times the range offered by Bluetooth 4.2 LE. 2.

Who is the AUKEY LS02 smart watch ideal for?

The AUKEY LS02 smart watch is ideal for use by teens and adults engaging in active sports, the build is robust and the smart watch is comfortable to wear even for older adults. The smart watch is additionally resistant to extreme temperatures and will function effectively when exposed to both high and low temperatures. The battery life is super impressive, offering up to 20 solid days.

Why should you buy the AUKEY LS02 smart watch?

Well when compared to other smart watches in the market, AUKEY LS02 stands out for three reasons that you should consider. One it features the new Bluetooth version, meaning that it cannot to your smartphone over a long distance, second it doesn’t have to be removed in areas of extreme temperatures and lastly, it features a powerful battery.

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