Aikela Smart Watch Review 205U

Product Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Aikela smart watche 205U is available in five attractive colors, the unique color combinations are such as blue pink, red-black, and green-black, and for individuals who want a toned-down version can get either the pure black or pure pink fitness tracking watch. The smart watch has been configured to support up to five different applications making it a highly functional device.

Some of the beneficial applications are such as the fitness tracker, the heart rate and sleep monitor, and the pedometer. Aikela 205U is a wireless communication-enabled device, and can, therefore, connect to an external device using the Bluetooth. Sporting a 1.3-inch interactive screen, Aikela smart watch will keep you connected to your from a distance and ensure that all the messages, notifications, and incoming calls in your phone, can be accessed through the interactive screen.

Important to note that when it comes to using your phone through Aikela, activities such as receiving calls or replaying to messages are not enabled. However, other applications such as music control, tracking blood oxygen saturation, and keeping a close eye on your heart rate, are active and functional and will enable you to monitor your health and fitness activities better.

Aikela 205U Pros and Cons


  • Equipped with a powerful and durable battery
  • Accurate and fairly priced fitness watch
  • Equipped with a large interactive screen
  • The smart watch features a rugged build


  • The data records are not entirely accurate
  • The watch face is digital and not analog as many users expected (analog is easy to understand)

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Features of the Aikela smart watch

Equipped with a pulse oximeter

Aikela has moved the bar up for other smart watches in the industry. The unit comes equipped with additional features, such as the pulse oximeter, which enables the wearer to track blood oxygen saturation and come up with a reliable and beneficial training plan.

Features a sedentary reminder

many a time people catch themselves being dormant for extended periods, because of too much-involving work. But by wearing the Aikela smart watch, you can easily watch your weight and remain physically active thanks to the sedentary reminder that tracks the activities of the wearer and reminds them to move a little, and stretch out. Stretching the body from time to time helps reduce fatigue while enhancing productivity every day.

Tracks female health

Not to say that the Aikela 205U watch cannot be worn by the male gender, rather that it has features that can be customized to fit a particular user profile. The female health tracking feature, helps women track their menstruation and ovulation days. Both of the above activities take a toll on the female body thus earlier preparation enabled by the reminder, can help one get through them easily.

Supports up to nine sports mode

Smart watch Aikela 205U supports a wide breadth of sporting modes ranging from walking, running, swimming, yoga, and weight lifting among others, and can, therefore, be referred to as a personal coach. The smart watch wearers will, therefore, be provided with information about their daily activities and the significance of the information to their health. The report can be used to enhance the physical health among other metabolic activities.

Music control

Once integrated with your smartphone, smart watch Aikela can be used to control the music that is streaming to your earphones. Some of the enabled functions are skip to the next song, revert to the previous, pause or playback, all of which have been enabled on your phone.

Can receive notifications- it is one thing to have a fitness tracker and quite an upgrade to have one that doubles up as a communications interface. And, for as much as you will not be able to send out replies to the messages and notifications from your phone, the Aikela smart watch will keep you updated with what is happening on all your social media accounts. It will inform you when your phone is ringing and allow you to read text messages from other people.

Customizable interface

Apart from its obvious cosmetic outlook, Aikela smart watch comes equipped with up to 4 different interfaces that have different time display formats. So, don’t let your smart watch bore you, alternate between the interfaces, and make wearing the watch interesting.

Equipped with a breathing exercise feature

When worn for some period of time the Aikela smart watch will tap to your pulse rate and will ensure that you find some relaxation and calm time in the heat of the day with the personally tailored, breathing exercises. The relevance of finding some relaxing and breathing time helps ensure that we have full control of our mental state, through the supply of enough oxygen to the body.

Stop watch

Spot watch that has been incorporated in the smart phones, comes in handy when running or working out from home. Most of the fitness exercises require a timer to gauge performance, the reason why the smart watch Aikela has been equipped with one, so you no longer have to take your phone to the race track or to the gym.

The benefits of this feature are that wearers can record accurate exercise times, and better customize their fitness objectives to remain beneficial to their overall health.


Aikela smart watch is waterproof, and you, therefore, don’t have to remove it when washing utensils or when it is raining. Even better is that it can be worn when swimming and be submerged for up to 50meters deep.

Who is the smart watch Aikela ideal for?

The smart watch Aikela is best for the fitness-conscious individuals, the sporting enthusiasts, and the servicemen. Up to 80 percent of the features and applications of the unit have been custom-tailored to record fitness information. The collected information, then provides insight into the wearer’s body’s performance and response to the different exercise routines.

Servicemen, on the other hand, can benefit from this unit given that up to 70% of their daily lives revolve around exercises. The unit will, therefore, help them keep healthy by only engaging in exercises that are beneficial to their health.

Why you should buy the Smart Watch Aikela

Smart watch Aikela is more than just a watch that tell the time, thanks to the breadth of applications configured to support healthy sleep, monitor the heart rate, and provide actionable information via the pulse oximeter. And while you will still need a fitness coach, the Aikela smart watch will ensure that you are on the right track whether you are into swimming, weight lifting, or walking.

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